Is there anything as beautiful as a genuine hardwood created by Mother Nature?  Only time and weather can craft the subtle color changes and meandering striations that are visible on wood that has been cut from the forest.  Here in North America we are fortunate to have an abundance of species growing in our sustainable and responsibly sourced forests.  

Imagine a shadowbox preserving your most precious mementos tucked into a corner near your favorite chair.

Side View Maple Shadow Box frame.

Side View Maple Shadow Box frame.

Clear Maple Shadow Box frame.

Clear Maple Shadow Box frame.


North American Walnut harkens back to a time of stately woodwork and handsome furniture.  But it is equally at home in a contemporary setting with its clean lines and rich color.  

Beautiful North American Walnut.


Cherry.  It’s an elegant and versatile species that would fit comfortably in any room in the home.  Here it is paired with the Maple.

Cherry. Maple.


Oak invokes a feeling of strength and timelessness.  It’s just the thing for a family tree or cross stitched sampler.

Oak paired with Walnut.

Oak shown with the Walnut.

All of the above frames are from our Vermont Hardwoods collection.  They are all cut from North American forests, often right here in New England, and milled at Vermont Hardwoods in Chester Vermont.  The finish is a hand applied, environmentally thoughtful, oil and wax finish.

These are just six of the beautiful, environmentally friendly moldings that we offer from a number of outstanding molding lines.  We’d love to have you come in and see them all in person.  

Happy Earth Day!