Whether it be a genuine Picasso or your young Picasso’s artwork, framed artwork needs a little special attention every now and then. Following just a few simple guidelines will go a long way towards ensuring it looks as great as the day that you had it framed.

First and foremost, transport it home safely. Don’t try to wedge a very large frame into your compact car. If it’s too big to comfortably fit, make arrangements for delivery in a larger vehicle. And if you are combining errands, make the frame shop your last visit. The extreme heat in summer and extreme cold in winter that exists in a closed car can be damaging to framed artwork. So just like your dog, don’t leave framing in the car while you shop or do other errands.

When you get it home and hang it, don’t be tempted to use that convenient nail that is already in the wall. That nail may be fine for a while, but over time the weight of the frame could cause the nail to bend and eventually the frame will crash to the floor. We always supply hanging hooks for the wall that are appropriate for the weight of your artwork. The hanger is simple to install and is shaped so that the weight is correctly distributed on the wall.

When choosing a location for your framed art, avoid extremes. A location that gets direct sunlight for most of the day is not a great choice. Conservation quality glass that gives the art 99% UV protection goes a long way in protecting the artwork, but direct sunlight should be avoided. The heat of direct sunlight combined with the other rays emitted by the sun can be damaging over time. Here in New England, winter sometimes brings moisture issues to exterior walls. If that is the case in your home, take that into consideration. An interior wall that gets indirect light, or dappled light over the course of the day, is an ideal location for framed art.

Finally, cleaning framed artwork is simple. Regular dusting using a feather duster or soft brush is generally sufficient. Never use spray polish or chemicals. Frames with rough surfaces that are rustic in style can be taken down and vacuumed gently with minimal suction to prevent dust buildup. Smudges and fingerprints on the glass can be buffed off with a soft, dry, cloth. If the glass should need cleaning, use a window cleaner that does not contain ammonia. Never use spray while the frame is hanging on the wall. Doing so will run the risk of having the cleaner run down the glass where it can puddle and wick up under the glass and could stain the art. It’s best to take the frame down and spray a small amount of cleaner on a soft cloth and clean the glass while it is in the horizontal position.

Following these few guidelines will keep your framed art looking great.