Digitizing Services

Do you have old family slides, movies, or VHS tapes that you can no longer view?  Finishing Touches is proud to partner with Charter Oak Scanning of nearby Stonington, CT to assist you in converting your media so that it can be viewed digitally.  Charter Oak Scanning has been in business for a number of years now, scanning and converting old photos, slides and negatives into digital formats that can be easily viewed and shared.  They also convert old film reels and video tapes so that you can once again enjoy those precious memories.

And it’s easy.  Simply bring your media to Finishing Touches where it will be picked up by the folks at Charter Oak and transported directly to their facility in Stonington.  You’ll have the confidence of knowing that your memories are in safe hands and never shipped or mailed anywhere.

“I love that we’re able to touch the lives of others by bringing back otherwise lost memories.” says Cadice Webb, who co-owns Charter Oak Scanning with her father, Robert Webb. “It’s important to us that our customers can talk through their project from the day they drop it off to the day it’s delivered.  Partnering with Finishing Touches felt so comfortable because they have developed a trusted relationship with the local community and the fact that they are a mother and son owned business speaks volumes to their understanding of the importance of family and family moments.”  Robert Webb stresses, “We want our customers to feel comfortable using our services by providing a welcoming space, without the anxiety, inconvenience or feeling of the ‘unknown’ of shipping their memories out of New England, or even out of the country.  That is why we chose Finishing Touches.”