Caring For Your Framed Art

Whether it be a genuine Picasso or your young Picasso’s artwork, framed artwork needs a little special attention every now and then. Following just a few simple guidelines will go a long way towards ensuring it looks as great as the day that you had it framed. First... read more

6 Frames to Celebrate Earth Day

Is there anything as beautiful as a genuine hardwood created by Mother Nature?  Only time and weather can craft the subtle color changes and meandering striations that are visible on wood that has been cut from the forest.  Here in North America we are... read more

My, my. Where does the time go?

When last we “spoke” I was writing from the framing conference. Evan and I were so pleased with the conference this year…. classes were wonderful and we had the opportunity to meet with framers from all over to touch base and trade thoughts and ideas. We also saw many... read more

Two Sides to Every Story

Have you ever wanted to frame something that’s two-sided and the back is as important as the front and needs to be viewable?  That’s not a problem;  we can create an opening in the back of the frame to reveal the reverse of the item as we did with these... read more

Framing A Mystery

One of the many things that we enjoy about working in the framing industry is having the opportunity to help our clients preserve and enjoy something that has special meaning. This is a very interesting project that we recently framed. Our client, Julie, came in with... read more